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woodwork / изделия из дерева, деревянные изделия, деревянные части строения
имя существительное
изделия из дерева
деревянные изделия
woodwork, woodenware
деревянные части строения
имя существительное
the wooden parts of a room or building, such as window frames or doors.
the woodwork was painted blue
Derby twice hit the woodwork
Students create sensitive rubbings of textural walls, bricks, decorative woodwork , stucco and stones.
With a Romanesque Revival exterior style, the interior has extensive hand-carved woodwork in the shape of mermaids and mythical animals.
Use your angular brush on woodwork and window frames, your trim brush on corners and edges.
In addition, occupants of all houses were involved in various forms of painting and woodwork activities.
Doors and woodwork are all painted - usually a shade of green; fabrics and tapestries are draped over furniture while the floors are covered with good Oriental carpets.
For anyone who can remember the building when in use there must be the question of where did the interior woodwork disappear to the oak panels on the walls and the wood bench, dock and seating?
Up on the first floor, doors lead off from a central landing to a bathroom with decorative woodwork and a mosaic-tiled shower cubicle, and four bedrooms, one of which is currently fitted out as a dressing room.
the woodwork was painted blue
Use a rich color in at least one room, and paint your ceilings and woodwork too!