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woodshed / дровяной сарай
имя существительное
дровяной сарай
имя существительное
a shed where wood for fuel is stored.
Feeling inadequate, Marc offered to go the woodshed and restore the wood pile beside the fireplace.
practice a musical instrument.
he's off woodshedding again
A motley collection of bones and antlers is nailed to the woodshed .
The woodshed is the size of a single-car garage.
I fancy Sir Arthur Throckmorton would have seen the joke, when after four centuries a carpenter found his diary, all three volumes of it - in a woodshed .
They were disarmed and piled up in the woodshed like the evil that they were.
Gussie went crazy and I had to put him into a little run that Jane and her brother had constructed in back of the woodshed .
I also suggest he leaves the axe in the woodshed when he next looks for a lobster.
During the day my sister and I would play in the tall grasses, or watch grandpa building something in his woodshed .
Those are now hung to dry in the woodshed until it is time to bring them indoors, and use them, decked with huge scarlet bows, as Christmas decorations.
Kennedy felt like he was on a trip to the woodshed .
Three hours later the woodshed had acquired a doorcase in strict neoclassical style, with pilasters, triglyphs, and a cornice, and he was looking positively pleased with himself, as he rolled off up the hill to face the music.