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woodpecker / дятел
имя существительное
woodpecker, pecker, flicker, ficker
имя существительное
a bird with a strong bill and a stiff tail, that climbs tree trunks to find insects and drums on dead wood to mark territory.
Mexico is home to toucans, vultures, hummingbirds, woodpeckers , parrots, macaws, and quetzals.
Throughout Europe today the woodpecker is variously called Rain Bird, Rain Fowl and Rain Pie.
Smallest woodpecker (sparrow sized) and often elusive preferring the tops of trees.
Our latest visitor, number 138, was a woodpecker , a yellow-bellied sapsucker.
Habitat saturation appears to be playing a role in both the acorn woodpecker and pukeko systems.
All other birds, from loons and penguins to woodpeckers and sparrows, are placed together in the third main lineage, the Neoaves.
Great-spotted woodpeckers drum while chiffchaffs, blackcaps, chaffinches and wrens sing their hearts out.
Brown Creepers spend most of their time on main trunks or major limbs, bracing themselves with their tails like miniature woodpeckers .
The reserve is home to woodpeckers , chaffinches, bullfinches and blackbirds.
One of the most strongly migratory woodpeckers , the Red-naped Sapsucker travels as far south as central Mexico for the winter.
Sparrows, chickadees, woodpeckers , and an assortment of other creatures were awake and bustling that summer morning.