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woodland / лесной
имя прилагательное
forest, timber, wood, woodland, woody, sylvan
имя существительное
лесистая местность
имя существительное
land covered with trees.
large areas of ancient woodland
имя существительное
a city in north central California, northwest of Sacramento; population 54,567 (est. 2008).
Clouts Wood is an area of ancient woodland of oak and ash, one mile south of Wroughton.
It stood on the edge of a village whose name it shared and was bounded by many acres of ancient woodland .
woodland birds are often drably colored
They sketched woodland plants and trees and learned how to use a digital camera.
As we made our way along the pretty woodland walk, we gradually became aware of a distant and muffled rumble.
large areas of ancient woodland
It was the third such event in the ancient woodland in less than a year.
If we are successful, we can begin to restore this once majestic ancient woodland to its former glory.
There are beautiful walks amid woodland and stunning waterfalls in the Falls of Clyde.
It was also argued that the site proposed had a level of tree cover, but was not woodland .