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wooden / деревянный, безжизненный, топорный
имя прилагательное
wooden, wood, timbered, ligneous
lifeless, dead, inanimate, spiritless, flat, wooden
clumsy, wooden
имя прилагательное
made of wood.
a wooden spoon
like or characteristic of wood.
a kind of dull wooden sound
Josephine nodded in my direction and I heard the sound of a chair scraping against the wooden floor.
For example, it stops wooden toys with hidden sharp nails being imported from China.
a wooden actor
Voices and footsteps were heard from outside the thick wooden doors that led to the dining room.
The water kept rising and was reaching chest height, so she kicked down the wooden door, injuring her leg.
The Sawdust Club will have on display the wooden toys that they made over the last three months.
At the base of the door there is a wooden deck that goes all the way around the building.
a wooden floor
The tranquillity was shattered as Dr Sentamu finally knocked on the West Door with a wooden staff.
Around one corner was a thick wooden door with a barred window that begged inspection.