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wooded / лесистый
имя прилагательное
wooded, woody, sylvan, timbered, arboreous, silvan
имя прилагательное
(of an area of land) covered with woods or many trees.
a wooded valley
A quiet lane then leads down to reach Brockabank Farm in the secluded wooded valley of Eshton Beck.
Found in a wide variety of haunts including open or lightly wooded farmland, moors, wetlands and urban areas.
All is spread out in a picturesque wooded glen with a brook flowing serenely nearby.
The foothills are wooded , except in the south, and shelter valleys with vineyards and orchards.
The survey measured tree cover in wooded areas of greater than one hectare using satellite photography.
In the distance the wooded Valley of Desolation takes the eye up to Barden Moor.
Finally Alex and Circe turned off the road and walked next to another tree and into a wooded area.
If you seek shelter in a wooded area, don't stand close to tall trees as they're more likely to be hit and the charge can side flash to you.
So we turned our backs on the sea, did a track, a field or two and dipped into our first wooded valley.
All teams stay in the adventure lodge, which is set in a wooded valley on the north Pembrokeshire coast.