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woodcut / гравюра на дереве
имя существительное
гравюра на дереве
woodcut, cut, woodprint, xylograph
имя существительное
a print of a type made from a design cut in a block of wood, formerly widely used for illustrations in books.
Apart from paintings he produced etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts as book illustrations.
An inventive graphic artist, he has worked in various printmaking techniques, including etching, screenprinting, and woodcut .
Jackson's woodcut of the Pieta theme hangs in my loft as a reminder of a classical motif, the Pieta of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.
The art of woodcut , in fact, dates back to the early Egyptian and Chinese civilisations.
Finally, the print is completed from the back with a relief process of woodcut or linocut to intensify shapes and/or colors.
And he used different techniques - traditional Japanese woodcut and European wood engraving.
Cranach's woodcut known as Passional Christi und Antichristi is an illustration for Philipp Melanchthon's 1521 prayer book.
Regular visits to China added new stock, not only of paintings, but also of artist's woodblock prints, folk art, stone rubbings and technically virtuosic colour woodcut reproductions of major masterpieces.
A signed Picasso woodcut now sells for about $150,000.
Modern artists like Kirchner explored the rough, expressive aesthetic of woodcut .
Linoleum block employs the same basic woodcut techniques, but uses linoleum instead of wood.