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woodcraft / знание леса, умение мастерить из дерева
имя существительное
знание леса
умение мастерить из дерева
имя существительное
skill in woodwork.
The prize has been developed by the town's Yarliyil Arts Centre to encourage more people - especially children - to learn the traditional skills of woodcraft .
knowledge of the woods, especially with reference to camping and other outdoor pursuits.
Gyric heard and remembered everything; his knowledge of woodcraft was very great.
The transition from the heavy-handed practices of woodcraft to the light-handed techniques of Leave No Trace can be read as a logical response to the tremendous growth in wilderness recreation during the twentieth century.
Bisnath, who is also known for his woodcraft , has a joinery shop at home, so making the stilts is no problem.
Indeed, it is the woodcraft literature's preoccupation with the frontier, masculinity, and modernity that all suggest a key place for woodcraft in the heritage of American wilderness thought.
It was a tremendous success, with a stunning display of work produced by the current adult classes in the school including art, pottery, sculpture, stained glass, furniture, restored furniture, woodcraft and metalcraft.
Proficiency in woodcraft required an intimate, hands-on knowledge of the woods.
Gyric heard and remembered everything; his knowledge of woodcraft was very great.
A craft course at the school will include art, stained glass, metalcraft, woodcraft and woodturning.
The trade and crafts stands were numerous and had displays varying from cosmetics to woodcraft and sign writing.
One of the boldest moves she has made is refusing to sell her woodcraft to private collectors, no matter how much they offer.
At this market we will sell fresh breads, home baking, jams, marmalade, farm fresh eggs, relishes, honey, plants, herbs, beautiful hand-knitted craftwork and woodcraft .