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woodcarving / резьба по дереву
имя существительное
the action or skill of carving wood to make functional or ornamental objects.
In the kirks a certain skill in woodcarving was often evident, and in recognition of the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland, a blue fleur-de-lis carpet was usually a feature.
She said it was a community-based project and they had a lot of arts-related activities in progress, including several classes in painting, ceramics, woodcrafts, woodcarving and photography.
Running for nine days from July 4 to July 13 (not including Sunday July 6), Niall will be working through drawings and clay modelling to prepare for the actual woodcarving itself.
Encouraged by his brother Tim, Clifford Possum, who had already begun teaching woodcarving at the settlement, joined Bardon's painting group, which later became the Papunya Tula Artists Company.
Weaving, embroidery, and woodcarving also are highly intricate and require great skill.
Other crafts include metalworking and woodcarving .
To keep the mind alert we have French, writing and play acting, painting in water colour and oil, egg decorating, folk art, calligraphy, woodcarving , and basic and expressive drawing.
They saw woodcarving as integral to the identity of the Asmat people, and encouraged Asmat communities to continue carving, hoping it would provide artists and their communities with a source of income and pride.
The artists living along the Art Trail work in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, photography, woodcarving , printmaking and fiber art.
No one here will try to sell you a mass-produced low-quality woodcarving or ‘original’ oil painting at a special-for-you tourist price of US $100.
Long-standing traditions of pottery, metalworking, rugmaking, woodcarving , and textile production have been carried forward by artisan and craft cooperatives.