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woodblock / колода, торец
имя существительное
deck, pack, log, block, chump, wood block
end, butt, face, wood block
имя существительное
a block of wood, especially one from which woodcut prints are made.
For the creation of one of these prints several woodblocks have to be carved, a key-block for the outlines and one block for each color.
The collection includes a variety of American and Western watercolors, etchings, lithographs, Japanese woodblock prints, Native American art, basketry and pottery.
The woodblock printing technique came from China to Japan several hundred years ago.
Photography had replaced the woodblock print as a way of illustrating news events.
With each copy printed from a woodblock , the impression quality worsened due to the wear of the block.
The artist had created more than a hundred woodblock prints between 1918 and 1923 - all published by Watanabe Shozaburo.
Hiroshi Yoshida created a total of 259 woodblock prints during his lifetime.
The other plays a multiple percussion setup consisting of a seven-piece drumset supplemented by a woodblock , pedal-operated tambourine, triangle and slapstick.
To readers paging through the text and casually observing the woodblock image of Elizabeth and her court, Gascoigne appears to celebrate the beauty and opulence of the cult.
These artists had a nearly religious belief that the artist must do the complete process of creating a woodblock himself.
From time to time, the unending song, gently driven on by two solo violins, is punctuated by the even rapping of a woodblock and the pretty chiming of a celesta.