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woo / ухаживать, свататься, добиваться
care, look after, court, tend, nurse, woo
achieve, seek, get, obtain, press for, woo
persuade, coax, reason, sell, win, woo
докучать просьбами
try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), especially with a view to marriage.
he wooed her with quotes from Shakespeare
So, in his early days, did he ever try to woo women into bed with verse?
Even they though are underplayed these days, as hockey seeks to woo that elusive grail - the family audience.
And fellow band member Sarah Harding said one glittering star tried to woo all five members of the band.
The Government of Dubai has also come out with attractive brochures and leaflets to woo shoppers and tourists.
What does it take to woo the 40-something customer back into your store?
Nigel started writing poems 18 months ago, when he was trying to woo a woman, and realised he had uncovered a hidden talent.
Nurochman denied the meeting was part of a strategy for the pair to woo Golkar support.
A dozen red roses will be a popular choice among men wanting to woo the woman in their life.
Political parties have roped in Bollywood stars only to woo the young.
It is in front of Hortensio's house that Petruchio finds his friend and is persuaded to woo Kate.