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wonted / привычный, обычный, привыкший к новым условиям
имя прилагательное
habitual, familiar, accustomed, customary, regular, wonted
common, conventional, regular, normal, ordinary, wonted
привыкший к новым условиям
имя прилагательное
habitual; usual.
the place had sunk back into its wonted quiet
make or be or become accustomed.
wont thy heart to thoughts hereof
The local artists will, as wonted , be given the opportunity to perform on the international stage in an effort to promote both the artistes and the island.
‘He had been speaking with all his wonted force and vigour, brightness of idea and freshness of expression and courage,’ a reporter wrote.
Several erudite readers, invoking Joycean fragments, have in recent months suggested ways of rehabilitating my wonted usage, for which I am grateful.
Worsted in this war of love Shiva punished the mischievous god of love Madana for aiding that maiden by causing springtime to appear on the scene before its wonted time.
I noticed he was dressed in formality that night, forgoing his wonted loud, showy colors I normally saw him in.