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wont / обыкновение, привычка
имя существительное
habit, wont, usage, tradition, habitude, convention
habit, wont, custom, practice, way, knack
имя прилагательное
имеющий обыкновение
иметь обыкновение
имя существительное
one's customary behavior in a particular situation.
Constance, as was her wont, had paid her little attention
имя прилагательное
(of a person) in the habit of doing something; accustomed.
he was wont to arise at 5:30 every morning
make or be or become accustomed.
wont thy heart to thoughts hereof
will not.
The good General frames it perfectly, as is his wont ; but don't get lazy, do click through to the original SFGate item.
As is their wont , the supporters of his ‘rivals’ strongly objected to it.
Tom Wood ruled the vast Citadel Theatre Shoctor Stage as he is wont .
As is their wont , Melrose will no doubt withdraw into themselves and adopt a siege mentality, blaming referees and everybody else for problems which are of their own making.
Gerry, as was his wont , recalled some of the stories of the old days in the Mayo News, the ‘hot metal’ days as he would always describe them.
Harty, as is a poacher's wont , removed any dubiety by forcing the ball into the back of the net, before running off in pursuit of the acclaim.
Now, the media, as we know, can overdo those things, as is our wont .
I went into college today, as is my wont , to study English.
First an apology - I have a number of new blogs linking to me, and I haven't yet reciprocated nor given their blogs a quick one-line review, as is my wont .
As is his wont , Latapy drifts left when he is getting bogged down in the middle and, from the wing position, he cut in past his man for Grant Brebner to flick his low cross behind Mampaey.