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wonderment / удивление, изумление, нечто удивительное
имя существительное
surprise, wonder, astonishment, amazement, wonderment, amaze
amazement, astonishment, wonder, daze, bewilderment, wonderment
нечто удивительное
wonder, wonderment, caulker
имя существительное
a state of awed admiration or respect.
Corbett shook his head in silent wonderment
His voice is friendly and trusting and there's a sense of fun and wonderment about him.
Each model or client shows the same fascination and wonderment with their lifecast as an infant does when first recognising itself in a mirror.
It's the small feeling of awe and wonderment you get seeing its sleek shape whizz past you.
Only Russell Lee conveys a sense of joy and wonderment in his photographs.
An exhilarating mixture of fear, wonderment and primal curiosity overcame their usual normal response to such an occurrence.
Corbett shook his head in silent wonderment
In the meantime, why not gaze in awe and wonderment at the vast shortlist.
Corbett shook his head in silent wonderment
The two lads were quite impressed but the final wonderment was reserved for the Rembrandt.
We also see the joy, fascination and wonderment on the faces of children as they read, talk with or entertain one of the characters.