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womanly / женственный, нежный, мягкий
имя прилагательное
feminine, womanly, womanlike
tender, gentle, delicate, affectionate, soft, womanly
soft, mild, gentle, benign, bland, womanly
имя прилагательное
relating to or having the characteristics of a woman or women.
her smooth, womanly skin
In reference to women, however, and particularly in this scene, the moon also symbolises womanly beauty and is associated with the female principle yin.
But, again, I'll leave the matter of Maryland's manly deeds and womanly words - fatti maschii, parole femine - to the mercy of others.
They don't have that inner womanly beauty that used to come from the softness and dignity that used to make woman so attractive.
Not very PC, I know, but if you'd spent your whole life wishing you had womanly curves up top as opposed to just down below, you'd understand.
Thus, they would criticise the Queen's feminine irresolution, female fickleness and womanly compassion towards papists and traitors.
Proving that being a feminist doesn't mean neglecting the womanly arts, the banner behind us was one I made earlier.
As an example of womanly evil, she is criticised; the female sexuality that causes these perceptions remains the foundation for both her good and her evil.
She giggled in a girlish sort of way completely contradictory to her very womanly body.
The kitten heel offers both feminine grace and womanly comfort, as do ballet flats.
As women entered the retail workforce, authorities identified ideal characteristics of the new retail system as womanly .