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womankind / женщины
имя существительное
women, womankind, womanhood, womenfolk, distaff, fair sex
имя существительное
women considered collectively.
a giant step forward for womankind
That advert is disgusting, degrading to womankind and downright dangerous.
At the age of 42, he has performed manfully in the wake of what was, judging by the length and depth of his emotional and very public suffering, apparently the most traumatic divorce in the history of man and womankind .
In our society, the worst specimen of womankind is the so-called liberated female.
This appears to come as some relief to womankind .
This is a small step for the Welsh cabinet but it's a giant leap for Welsh womankind .
The ability to only write a newspaper column and still afford, in addition to other living expenses, every kind of designer shoe known to womankind ?
And if you stayed with him to prevent his drawing that conclusion, what, you'd be taking a giant step on behalf of womankind ?
Is that made better by you snarling at the rest of womankind ?
So the next day, after his sermon, the Pope concluded by saying, ‘Tuti homini, et tuti femini’ - Blessed be mankind and womankind .
Since the beginning of time stupidity has been one of mankind's (and womankind 's) greatest weaknesses.