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womanize / путаться с бабами
путаться с бабами
(of a man) engage in numerous casual sexual affairs with women.
there were rumors that his womanizing had now become intolerable
She makes it clear that her attraction to women was in part a reaction to the chauvinism she witnessed as a girl: her mother's courage diminished by her father's tantrums and jealousy, his drinking and womanizing .
Not only is Jimmy adulterous, alcoholic, womanizing , and guilty of incest, he has astonishing contempt for his wife.
He was, in fact, a tremendous womaniser , who drove Maria Theresa mad trying to seduce her ladies-in-waiting, but of course Marie was too young to know about that.
Sitsili plays Zep, an abusive husband whose life is consumed with work, womanising and giving his wife grief.
I've heard lots of stories about how he's such a ladies' man and womanizer .
It's true every man mentioned served his country, but running my finger down the list I picked out local drunkards, crooks, and womanizers mixed in with the names of ‘leading’ citizens.
Despite the arrangement, Joan and Philip seem passionately happy, until Joan discovers Philip's womanizing and is driven to ‘mad’ jealousy.
Angry, he went back to Moscow and once again engaged in a life of revelry, drinking, gambling and womanizing .
Her husband Eric, once a hotshot director, now spends his days gambling, womanizing , and lying to Lisa.
For starters, it has an unlikable protagonist, a man who lies, steals, womanizes , drinks, daydreams and generally epitomizes uselessness.