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womanhood / женственность, женщины, женские качества
имя существительное
femininity, womanhood, woman, effeminacy, muliebrity, femineity
women, womankind, womanhood, womenfolk, distaff, fair sex
женские качества
женская зрелость
женский пол
women, woman, womanhood, femininity, petticoat
имя существительное
the state or condition of being a woman.
she was on the very brink of womanhood
The sit-in was therefore rife with just the sorts of contradictions which communists identified with proletarian womanhood , and women became obvious and crucial actors in its realization.
Mary was cultivated as an ideal of womanhood
Mary was cultivated as an ideal of womanhood
She has presented women figures in an artistic impact-assessment on the concept of womanhood across centuries.
When Ting returns to the fight club, he's obliged to defend the honour of Thai womanhood from a shaggy Australian behemoth.
Women responded positively to this new ideal, for it endowed motherhood, and thus womanhood , with a new sense of dignity and purpose.
African women may feel multiple allegiances: community affiliations, ethnic identification, global womanhood , and racial solidarity.
The film tells a personal story of emerging womanhood through Geneviève, when her lover is drafted to war-torn Algeria.
Whether or not these methods were flawed matters not; what is important is that ideal womanhood was, in part, physical.
Yet public opinion had been captured, and it was taken for granted that lynching was a just response to the barbarous sexual crimes against white womanhood .