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woman / женщина, баба, служанка
имя существительное
woman, female, she, wife, old woman, feminine
woman, peasant woman, broad, piece, milksop, Judy
maid, handmaid, maidservant, handmaiden, girl, woman
mistress, concubine, woman, paramour, lay, miss
femininity, womanhood, woman, effeminacy, muliebrity, femineity
имя существительное
an adult human female.
The jury of seven women and five men were discharged after failing to reach a verdict after more than eight hours of deliberation.
in nouns denoting.
a woman doctor
an ambulance woman
Now that the internet has empowered any man or woman to have a voice, the truth can be found.
Yesterday a West Indian woman dies of a heart attack while police raided her house in Tottenham.
For God's sake, woman , it's a tweed skirt and a polo neck with a pair of boots.
a cleaning woman
The chance of complications depends on the exact procedure and other factors such as the woman 's general health.
he wondered whether Billy had his woman with him
Ms September will embody the professional, intelligent yet sexy career woman .
young woman