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woebegone / удрученный горем, мрачный
имя прилагательное
удрученный горем
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, woebegone
имя прилагательное
sad or miserable in appearance.
don't look so woebegone, Joanna
By the time Sara had made her delivery - in a rainstorm - tattered Mylar hung forlornly from a warped and woebegone frame.
She remains an orphan girl, and, as such, she partakes of the tradition of the orphan girl in the movies: outcast, woebegone , beset on all sides, but plucky and triumphant in the end.
Outside the main gate were a few students with woebegone faces, for they had been unable to produce their identity cards and had therefore been denied entry.
Through the radio's single, partially blown speaker came a recording of a local woman in her late 40s, her voice utterly woebegone .
But even in this woebegone state, the structure was stunning.
Originally published in 1971, the publication has at its heart what purports to be the yearbook of the fictional C. Estes Kefauver Memorial High School in tragically woebegone Dacron, Ohio.
It was such a familiar woebegone scene, and it served to highlight just how anomalous the sunshine was.
Meanwhile, there is not so much as a sentence, or even a clause, about the woebegone state of the episcopate, and its role in hampering the Church's mission.
As I was reading up the case, a woebegone figure exited from a door behind me, looking like an actor at an audition who'd just been given the don't call-us-we'll-call-you treatment.
My favourite character was Pedro, Napoleon's Hispanic friend, whose quiet manner and woebegone expression were constant throughout the film.