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wobbly / шаткий, шатающийся, вихляющий
имя прилагательное
shaky, wobbly, wonky, rickety, flimsy, unsteady
staggering, tottering, wobbly, loose, wabbly, wabbling
wobbly, wiggle-waggle
имя прилагательное
tending to move unsteadily from side to side.
the car had a wobbly wheel
She was wobbly from her near drowning, but managed to stand after a few attempts.
Her voice was wobbly and shaky, she sniffed a bit and changed how she sat again.
This British musical certainly holds its own against Hollywood rivals of the same era, although the chorus lines tend to be slightly wobbly .
I was wobbly and unsure of myself as I pushed down on the pedal, propelling the bike slowly forward.
Miette finally pushed herself into a sitting position, still slightly wobbly .
The system in this country is so insecure and so wobbly .
He did the odd bit of crime solving too of course but that always came a poor second to the mayhem he caused by moving a pen across a room in a wobbly way using only his cloak of invisibility, some strong thread and an intricate pulley system.
There was a concrete floor and wobbly chairs.
I noticed that she neglected to sign it, and her handwriting was rather wobbly and etchy, as if her hand was shaking when she wrote it.
Charlotte Church shot to fame as the little schoolgirl with the big wobbly voice.