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wobble / колебание, качание, вихляние
имя существительное
oscillation, swing, fluctuation, hesitation, wobble, wave
swing, swaying, oscillation, wobble, swinging, fluctuation
wobble, wabble
wobble, wabble
вихляние передних колес
wabble, wobble
hesitate, fluctuate, sway, oscillate, vibrate, wobble
wobble, shuffle, weasel, wabble, wriggle out of
wobble, wabble
идти шатаясь
stagger, wabble, wobble, lurch
tremble, shake, shiver, shudder, wobble, quake
имя существительное
an unsteady movement from side to side.
Milutin M. Milankovich, a Serbian mathematician, developed the idea that the Earth's rotational wobbles and orbital deviations have combined to affect in a cyclic way global climatic changes.
move unsteadily from side to side.
the table wobbles where the leg is too short
he is beginning to wobble on the issue
Asked about the now-famous spring wobble , she says she ‘and lots of the people who feel close to the PM, who support him and believe what he is doing, rallied round’.
a caricature of the operatic wobble
I wasn't sure, but I think I heard his voice wobble a bit.
I understand that the wobble is not yours but a secondary, sympathetic wobble to Tony Blair's.
they wobble around on their bikes
I swear I saw him taking a sneaky blast from a small bottle of something warming when he thought no-one was watching, and he had a distinct wobble to his gait.
One of the children, aged about six kept making a noise. It was an extremely high pitched tone with pronounced wobble , loud and sustained, intermittently for an hour or so.
However, he lost his momentum during the flip, and his carefully executed spin turned into a wobble , sending him crashing into the floor below.
It is therefore odd to watch him waver and wobble over an issue that is not only outrageously unjust, but also flagrantly illegal.