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wizened / высохший, сморщенный, иссохший и морщинистый
имя прилагательное
dry, wizened, withered, weazened, sapless, wizen
wrinkled, shrunken, corrugated, withered, wizened, wizen
иссохший и морщинистый
wizened, wizen, weazen, weazened
имя прилагательное
shriveled or wrinkled with age.
a wizened, weather-beaten old man
A wizened man in white shirt and white tucked-up dhoti, with a dark green headcloth, put thatch on the roof of the beachside pavilion.
His wrinkles overlapped his pox scars, giving him a wizened wizard look.
The first time I saw Wiwin, she looked like a wizened old woman, with wrinkly, hairy skin and big, unblinking eyes.
In my view, however, the wizened polymath did well.
We've just reached the summit of Pendle Hill in Lancashire when the image of the three wizened witches from Macbeth skips across my mind's eye.
He is two years old but his face is that of a wizened old man, his hair sparse and patched.
Gnarled and wizened but full of life, they light every page on which they appear.
Ray Caesar creates fantastical, grimly hopeful and gravely whimsical images of wizened children who radiate an enigmatic serenity.
No longer the bendy punk-rappers of yesteryear, slightly wizened where they were once wiry, not even these boys can hide from adulthood any more.
She returned later that day in the back of a police car to find two very grey old people, now wizened and wrinkly after the experience.