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wizardry / колдовство, чары
имя существительное
witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, incantation, enchantment, witchery
spell, charms, charm, glamor, sorcery, wizardry
имя существительное
the art or practice of magic.
Merlin used his powers of wizardry for good
Yorkshire did have their moments of individual brilliance and once again Darren Lehmann delighted with his wizardry with the bat before returning to Australia with 1,136 Championship runs at an average of 66.82.
the car is full of hi-tech wizardry
After finding the serious electronic wizardry that's available to be far too expensive, he came across journal articles describing equipment that costs about a dime.
In fact, even today, decades away from childhood, I can think of quite a few people whom I wouldn't mind sacrificing at the altar of wizardry and magic.
This took no technical wizardry or hacking skills.
The first earthbound applications of this electronic wizardry will be airport scanners that scrutinize passengers' bags.
It is a place that is full of spells and curses, where powerful charms work their magic, and everything is witchcraft and wizardry .
The result is an astonishing piece of theatre in which communal storytelling effortlessly blends with hi-tech wizardry .
Even the help of Peter's electronic wizardry is limited when you must make small talk with Russian agents over a fine English tea.
But we don't have to look at electronic wizardry to see the damage that can be done.