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withstand / противостоять, выдерживать, выстоять
resist, withstand, confront, counter, match, front
withstand, stand, survive, support, sustain, bear
withstand, stand out, outstay
resist, oppose, fight back, withstand, stand against, antagonize
remain undamaged or unaffected by; resist.
the structure had been designed to withstand winds of more than 100 mph
They're either too weak to withstand any hits or their attacks do little other than annoy this rebel hellion.
Their structure is designed to withstand the harshest heat, wind and occasional sea spray.
I wish they made these things able to withstand the hypocrisy of partisan politics.
The second half was a different story as they had to withstand strong pressure from New Oak.
So this levee was not designed to withstand a hurricane the magnitude of Katrina.
Very few buildings, other than bomb shelters, are designed to withstand impact from the outside.
Ramachandran initially thought that the young girl would not be able to withstand the pressure.
You need to have strong principle to be able to withstand the pressures and temptations.
By 1216 the castle was sufficiently strong to withstand a siege by forces opposed to King John.
But it adds that nuclear power plants were not designed to withstand attacks such as large aircraft impact.