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withhold / удерживать, утаивать, умалчивать
hold, hold back, refrain, restrain, retain, withhold
conceal, withhold, keep, hold back, lock up, keep quiet
keep silent, conceal, keep quiet, be silent, dissemble, withhold
stop, stay, halt, shut down, arrest, withhold
не давать согласия
withhold, withhold one's consent
refuse to give (something that is due to or is desired by another).
the name of the dead man is being withheld
Never once last year did she withhold her emotions.
While it is impossible to withhold sympathy from classes so depressed as these slum-dwellers are, it cannot be overlooked that the very nature of their mode of living tends to reduce their value in the labour market.
If this will create or increase a tax refund, ask the tax department to give your employer permission to withhold less tax - so you get your refund during the year instead of having to wait until the summer of 2005.
Federal law dictates that employers must withhold money for child support from his paycheck.
Starr refused to withhold the doctor's grim prognosis from Ellard.
And so too do employers who are failing to meet their obligations to withhold tax and super contributions for their workers.
If he did not withhold his love and mercy from us before we loved him, will he refuse us now?
I try to withhold all curiosities and concentrate on maintaining my composure.
The advice to withhold the results until that day was reportedly issued in a circular sent out earlier this month, the story said.
For example, India might require a company subsidiary to withhold taxes from the fees it pays to a service center located in Ireland.