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withering / увядание
имя существительное
withering, wilting, fading, consumption
имя прилагательное
sizzling, withering
имя прилагательное
intended to make someone feel mortified or humiliated.
a withering look
(of heat) intense; scorching.
Pan American takes the pound cake for minimalism, and has in the past proven perfect music for driving through desolate landscapes beneath withering heat, or traversing the domain of half-asleepness.
имя существительное
the action of becoming dry and shriveled.
Near the end of November, the villagers saw that there was large-scale withering among their vegetables and they asked the technologists from the town to inspect.
(of a plant) become dry and shriveled.
the grass had withered to an unappealing brown
cause harm or damage to.
a business that can wither the hardiest ego
Sometimes when we tried to speak Spanish we were met with withering sneers.
The harvest has decreased this year owing to fog in February that caused the withering of flowers, he added.
As he turned to leave under the withering gaze of his disappointed superiors, it was discovered that he had not received the decryption code that accompanied the exercise.
She is a patient one, and dismissed me with a withering glance.
The year is 1908; no Partition trauma to desecrate the dreams, no withering of hope to spike idealism.
She sat down in her chair looking furious and just gave me a sneer and a withering look.
Combining foxy irony with withering disdain, McDiarmid presents us with the tragedy of a man for whom the mask has become the face.
Equally suggestive is her interpretation of Fanon's withering attack upon the postcolonial national bourgeoisie.
What makes the November 14 race different is it will be held in the cool of November instead of in the withering South Carolina heat of Labor Day weekend.
Since November 2, the withering contempt of liberals for ordinary Americans has been astonishing.