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wither / увядать, засохнуть, вянуть
fade, wither, droop, rot off, die down, die away
dry up, wither
wither, fade, wilt, languish, shrivel, wizen
dry, wither, parch up, fall away
wither, sear, parch, sere
(of a plant) become dry and shriveled.
the grass had withered to an unappealing brown
cause harm or damage to.
a business that can wither the hardiest ego
the state in socialist societies has failed to wither away
While bodies may wither , or fall ill, with age, the mind can remain good.
‘Age cannot wither her not custom stale her infinite variety’ said Shakespeare of his heroine Cleopatra.
There are so many things that wither and devour the flesh.
This delicate flower will wither and blow away like dust in the wind if it's not watered with affection and the light of love doesn't shine.
Prominent community members wither and die in silence because the disease is considered so shameful.
I am classic Northern/Celtic stock, and I wither in this weather.
For creativity is a muscle that must be worked or it will gradually atrophy and wither .
a business that can wither the hardiest ego
Weeds wither within a few minutes (though perennial weeds will require repeat applications).