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withdrawal / изъятие, отход, вывод войск
имя существительное
withdrawal, reserve
withdrawal, retreat, breakaway, backtrack, sailing, retirement
вывод войск
remove, removal, deletion, disposal, excision, withdrawal
withdrawal, abduction
имя существительное
the action of withdrawing something.
the withdrawal of legal aid
to make a withdrawal
Fortunately, she elected to remain in hospital as she and her unborn baby were both suffering seizures from addiction withdrawal .
It's like having the flu, a hangover and drug withdrawal all at once.
There is no shadow of doubt that Syria has begun a complete withdrawal of its forces from Lebanon.
Italy's withdrawal from NATO
Her prison file shows that when she began her sentence, she ‘went through the drug withdrawal with the minimum amount of discomfort’, and her clinical records confirm this.
A few years ago, I left my £20 withdrawal in an HSBC cash machine by mistake.
The difference between disengagement and withdrawal may be significant for Gazans, but the entire conflict will not pivot upon it.
Frenois and his team say their work is an important step in helping to determine how specific environments associated with drug withdrawal might encourage drug seeking.
Some practised withdrawal and rhythm methods while others used the morning-after pill, or just cleaned themselves (females) after sexual intercourse.