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withdraw / изымать, отзывать, уходить
withdraw, exclude, eliminate
withdraw, recall, reclaim, call off, call away, countermand
go, leave, go away, get out, walk away, withdraw
take away, withdraw, whip away
withdraw, take away, steal, lead away
remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position.
slowly Ruth withdrew her hand from his
leave or come back from a place, especially a war zone.
Allied forces withdrew from Norway in 1941
cease to take an addictive drug.
for the cocaine user, it is possible to withdraw without medication
The satellite-based network will allow the bank to integrate all its ATMs, enabling its account holders to withdraw money from any of its ATMs.
In hospital after an operation, she managed to withdraw from drugs.
How quickly should Syria withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon?
The government has agreed to withdraw some of its forces following the handover of weapons.
When a cheque is sent out, the bank details are copied and used to fill in Direct Debit standing order mandates which are then used to withdraw money from accounts.
One party, whose members believe Britain should withdraw from the EU, is expected to make huge gains.
You're charged a small fee only when you add or withdraw money from your account or opt to receive a traditional plastic MasterCard debit card from the company.
for the cocaine user, it is possible to withdraw without medication
He conceded that the decision of Jessica Kurten to withdraw from the team had proven costly.
He used the drug to withdraw from heroin.