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witchery / колдовство, чары, черная магия
имя существительное
witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, incantation, enchantment, witchery
spell, charms, charm, glamor, sorcery, witchery
черная магия
witchcraft, necromancy, devilry, devilment, diablerie, witchery
charm, fascination, glamor, enchantment, allure, witchery
имя существительное
the practice of magic.
warding off evil spirits and acts of witchery
The mothers had already exchanged new ways to use their witchery and little anecdotes about the past.
It's just not possible unless by witchery to see into the future.
Directed by Stephen Bradley, and starring his wife, comedian Deirdre O'Kane, the story is of student Nathan, played by David Leon, who dies and is brought back to life via voodoo witchery by his mum (O'Kane).
warding off evil spirits and acts of witchery
It irritated their father to no end to hear his son praise the people of darkness and witchery .
In witchery , the relationship between teacher and student is, to say the least, intimate.
Sure they use samples, vocoders and other electronic witchery as well, but they avoid the sometimes thin, stiff house experience by using guitars, bass and drums as key ingredients.
The poem recounts, with heavy tones and little irony, the kitschy mock-trial proceedings, in which an audience of tourists deems Bishop guilty of witchery .
I was exiled from my village when I was sixteen under the charge of witchery .
She made sidelong glances of purest witchery at Wolf.