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witch / ведьма, колдунья, колдун
имя существительное
witch, hag, hex, harridan, hellcat, randy
witch, sorceress, enchantress, hag, sibyl, wise woman
witch, sorcerer, wizard, warlock, necromancer, exorcist
quack, witch, doctor, voodoo, charlatan, quacksalver
sorceress, enchantress, witch, charmer
cast a spell on, cast a spell over, witch, bedevil, glamor, cast a glamor over
cast a spell on, bewitch, cast a spell over, cast a glamor over, witch, cast a spell upon
имя существительное
a woman thought to have evil magic powers. Witches are popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick.
She was half Indian and she had told him many stories about witches and black magic.
an edible North Atlantic flatfish that is of some commercial value.
I'm talking flat fish, Lemon sole, Dover sole, plaice, dabs, witch , turbot, halibut, brill and skate.
(of a witch) cast an evil spell on.
Mrs. Mucharski had somehow witched the house
Today, the typical witch is generally portrayed as an old hag in a black robe, wearing a pointed black cap and flying on a broomstick across a full moon.
Beside Qiara, Nook drew in a quick breath, as if his breathing had stopped altogether as the witch girl danced his will away.
Anyway, you shouldn't be listening to what Molly says in the first place, that old ugly witch .
I'm talking flat fish, Lemon sole, Dover sole, plaice, dabs, witch , turbot, halibut, brill and skate.
Maybe in your last life, you were a girl and a witch .
Local witch and high priestess, Maxine Vine, said Halloween is a celebration where the spirit world is at its closest to our world and to forget all the negativity in your life.
This is typical of the news media: Focus on a negative few, and reduce girls to two stereotypes - witch and victim.
I'm planning on being a sexy girl pirate or a sexy witch , but if that all falls through, I have various outfits that I wear for hula performances.
Maybe he wouldn't take it too well that I'd called his girlfriend a gnarled witch .
My God isn't better than yours nor yours better than mine but as a witch and a pagan I carry our haunting history in my soul and still grieve.