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wit / остроумие, ум, остряк
имя существительное
wit, cuteness, wittiness, esprit, repartee, smartness
mind, intelligence, intellect, wit, brain, wits
wit, punster, witling, ramp
mind, reason, intellect, understanding, sense, wit
know, be aware of, have, know of, be familiar with, wit
manage, be in charge of, deal, wit
имя существительное
mental sharpness and inventiveness; keen intelligence.
he does not lack perception or native wit
a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.
a player with a sharp tongue and a quick wit
have knowledge.
I addressed a few words to the lady you wot of
that is to say (used to make clearer or more specific something already said or referred to).
the textbooks show an irritating parochialism, to wit an almost total exclusion of papers not in English
his caustic wit cuts through the humbug
Already he was head and shoulders above the crowd at six foot three, with a head for business, a lively wit and a keen appreciation of writers and their craft.
For her part, Alpert has a keen and understated wit .
There have been few since with his command of language - or wit and understanding.
In later years we got to know him well and relished his dry sardonic comments delivered in a languid, light Noel Cowardish voice, which belied the sharpness of his wit .
Let's hope his successor has the wit to fashion an intelligence agency that is fit for the struggles that lie ahead.
By Wells's own testimony, she had a quick Irish wit , high spirits and radiant common sense.
His acid wit and quick humour have made him a television star, but this summer Clive Anderson will return to his roots when he appears at the Edinburgh Fringe venue which helped launch his career.
she is such a wit
But he makes up for it by deft wordplay and a sharp wit .