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wisp / пучок, клочок, пук
имя существительное
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, wisp
scrap, patch, shred, wisp, rag, flock
bunch, bundle, wisp
tourniquet, wisp
wisp, wisp of bast
имя существительное
a small thin or twisted bunch, piece, or amount of something.
wisps of smoke rose into the air
My grandma, after whom I am named, was said to be a cheerfully energetic thin wisp of a woman.
Then while gazing at her tear streaked face he saw her chin quiver and his heart was charmed by this small wisp of a lass, until, that is, he looked at what she held in her hands.
Ash Beck, a thin wisp of a person, pushed through the crowd and ran to where Ian lay.
The wisp of a girl would pass the final set of tests.
a fourteen-year-old wisp of a girl
a fourteen-year-old wisp of a girl
A skinny wisp of a young woman entered the room, timidly opening the door to the side to allow her entrance.
She saw a mass of copper hair on a tiny wisp of a girl with the palest skin she had ever seen.
Standing quickly, the nurse steadied the wisp of a girl with a strong hand.
‘I don't know, Rifka,’ I whispered, hugging the little blond wisp of a child close to me.