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wisecrack / острить
point, wisecrack
имя существительное
саркастическое замечание
sarcastic remark, quip, wisecrack, crack, hit
удачное замечание
sharpness, acuteness, acuity, poignancy, yak, wisecrack
имя существительное
a clever and pithy spoken witticism.
He came to take great pleasure in his craft with words, honing them like his little wood sculptures, dreaming up pithy wisecracks and aphorisms which he collected and displayed in his office.
make a wisecrack.
his warmth, boisterousness, and constant wisecracking
Apparently we made some wisecrack about Milton Keynes.
He had tried to get at her point of view but he knew he had never managed, she would just wisecrack about it, shrug and let it pass.
Such rote interpretative strategies betray a lack of imagination, like the cocktail-party boor who laughs at every wisecrack .
I'd been saving up this wisecrack for years in the hope of being attacked, but in all the confusion I completely messed up the timing.
I think we've gotten used to a voiceover that explains everything, or characters that wisecrack their way through their adventures.
That, of course, was not a genuine offer, it was an improper and self-indulgent wisecrack .
She lowered the volume of the CB before he could respond with some nonsense wisecrack .
They might make some wisecrack , or fall silent, or fumble for something in their pockets.
Needless to say, a fuming Ivan stalked off before another wisecrack could be heaped on him.
His tendency to represent himself combined with a penchant for a badly timed wisecrack at the judge have sealed his fate time after time.