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wise / мудрый, благоразумный, знающий
имя прилагательное
wise, sage, profound, sapient, sapiential, Solomonic
reasonable, prudent, wise, sensible, discreet, prudential
knowing, aware, competent, acquainted, informed, wise
aware, informed, familiar, cognizant, conversant, wise
имя существительное
form, image, fashion, picture, character, wise
way, method, process, manner, means, wise
wise up, wise
подбросить идею
wise up, wise
имя прилагательное
having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
she seems kind and wise
имя существительное
the manner or extent of something.
he did it this wise
make wisecracks.
Jake and I would wise off to him
become alert to or aware of something.
wise up and sort yourselves out before it's too late
forming adjectives and adverbs of manner or respect such as clockwise , otherwise.
As manufacturers know all too well, gun magazine editors are wise in all things concerning how to make guns - they always have lots of suggestions.
She was so worldly and wise , and experienced in the world of theater and beyond, and in the short time I'd known her, she sort of took me under her wing as a mother would.
We also have to be wise in where we choose to attack.
I know because I was 18 and keeping a diary of my experiences, wise thoughts and bad poetry.
Now, it may not be always the case that a commander in chief has served or that it was necessary that they served to be wise in the deployment of the military.
Burglars rarely took stolen gear back to their homes, were wise to police interviewing techniques and rarely left evidence at the scene of their crimes, Mr Blowers said.
But, although we undoubtedly assume that one becomes wise through experiences of life and death, this process is not a matter of course.
He had been wise in his career choices, guided by his sprawling but close-knit family and his pugnacious agent.
Also, some missionaries have not always been wise in their methods, even inducing people to come to church for needed material help.
The dive boat had a recompression chamber on board, too, which I thought might be a wise precaution!