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wisconsin / Висконсин
имя существительное
имя существительное
a state in the northern US that borders on lakes Superior (in the northwest) and Michigan (in the east); population 5,627,967 (est. 2008); capital, Madison; statehood, May 29, 1848 (30). Ceded to Britain by the French in 1763 and acquired by the US in 1783 as part of the former Northwest Territory, it was the site of the Black Hawk War, the last armed Indian resistance to white settlement in the area, in 1832.
the last (or last two) of the Pleistocene glaciations of North America, approximating the Weichsel of northern Europe.
Having found a home on a new record label, these Wisconsinites return with renewed passion and new musical resolutions.
This is why many Wisconsinites may recognize names of nearby towns such as Kenosha.
He says the board encouraged Wisconsinites to pull up a stool, order a cheeseburger and milkshake, and take a moment to recall the classic diners that cooked up all-American cuisine.
A group of 52 Wisconsinites volunteered to be vaccinated against the flu.
Forget the stereotype of beer-guzzling, bratwurst-eating, cheese-making Wisconsinites - and let us introduce you to the interests of today's Madison residents.