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wiring / электропроводка, проводка, прокладка проводов
имя существительное
wiring, installation
прокладка проводов
проволочные заграждения
имя существительное
a system of wires providing electric circuits for a device or building.
And with the need to tie into existing building wiring , the system will have to be located close to the electrical feed into the building.
install electric circuits or wires in.
wiring a plug
provide, fasten, or reinforce with wires.
they wired his jaw
send a telegram or cablegram to.
she wired her friend for advice
snare (an animal) with wire.
obstruct (a ball, shot, or player) by a wicket.
Entry-level positions can be as nuts-and-bolts as wiring and installation, all the way to the uber-geek world of file servers and beyond.
Along the bottom was a giant blade and in the cracks some pneumatic systems and wiring could be seen.
Electrical wiring and telephone lines can transmit such signals by conduction; walls can vibrate subtly, as can pipes, beams, ducts, and the like.
the wiring was in urgent need of replacement
The Milton Rooms' licence, which is needed before plays, shows and discos can go ahead, has been declined because the electrical wiring in the building is considered unsafe.
New evidence points to production of myelin, a fatty insulation coating the brain's internal wiring , as a neural Achilles' heel early in life.
Be sure to keep their location in mind while doing the wiring part of the installation, so you can allow for the correct lengths of the wires.
All safety warnings on electrical wiring were highlighted and stressed.
In its own particular way, synesthesia points to yet another way that the wiring of the brain can create different ways to experience life.
civilizations have put nothing into the basic wiring of the human animal