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wired / телеграфировать, монтировать провода, скреплять проволокой
wire, telegraph, cable, message
монтировать провода
скреплять проволокой
связывать проволокой
устанавливать провода
имя прилагательное
making use of computers to transfer or receive information, especially by means of the Internet.
the economic arguments for getting your business wired
in a nervous, tense, or edgy state.
not much sleep lately—I'm a little wired
install electric circuits or wires in.
wiring a plug
provide, fasten, or reinforce with wires.
they wired his jaw
send a telegram or cablegram to.
she wired her friend for advice
snare (an animal) with wire.
obstruct (a ball, shot, or player) by a wicket.
A proportion of the stolen money was then wired back to Romania.
The Korean forum has focused upon wired networking, including powerline networking, to route content throughout the home, he said.
The authentication server can be located on the local wired network or elsewhere on the Internet.
The wireless environment is also limited by less established standards than exist for the wired Internet.
Most universities are already in cities with wired Internet service.
Your body pumps out adrenaline, and you feel all wired and shaky.
Is there still a place for a computer-oriented, wired standard aimed at consumer devices?
The wireless network does not deserve any less stringent security than the wired network.
Only by layering security can wireless networks truly begin to approach the trustworthiness of a wired LAN.
This will virtually eliminate the need for wired Internet and will radically lower prices.