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wipe / протирать, вытирать, замахнуться
rub, wipe, clean, fray, wear, wipe out
wipe, wipe out, wipe away, wipe off, dry, wipe up
aim a blow, wipe
wipe, rub off, fray, absterge
wipe, wipe away, wipe off
имя существительное
носовой платок
handkerchief, hanky, kerchief, hankie, wipe, wiper
wipe, dig, mickey
mockery, sneer, jeer, wipe
имя существительное
an act of wiping.
Rinse off then give a final wipe over with a weak solution of vinegar and water to produce a sparkling surface free of streaks.
a piece of disposable absorbent cloth or paper, especially one treated with a cleansing agent, for wiping something clean.
I keep a box of final wipes in my desk at work and grab one or two when ever I go to the bathroom.
a cinematographic effect in which an existing picture seems to be wiped out by a new one as the boundary between them moves across the screen.
Split screen, weird wipes , floating frames and fades - they guy does everything possible to replicate the look of a comic page, shy of actually shooting one on an animation stand.
clean or dry (something) by rubbing its surface with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand.
Paul wiped his face with a handkerchief
remove or eliminate (something) completely.
things have happened to wipe the smile off Kate's face
Remember those programs I described that wipe clean your computer to keep others from knowing where and when you surfed?
things have happened to wipe the smile off Kate's face
to wipe sth on to sth
After each pass of the scraper, wipe the surface clean - it'll achieve a smoother application.
The history of the world will wipe away my traces with the same gentle smile that Mummy had on her face as she washed away my paintings.
wipe your feet on the way in
She gave the coffee table a final wipe and gathered her things.
to wipe sth off sth
With this method you wipe not only your files, but your registry and swap file too.
Get the habit of spraying all surfaces with bleach water (cap to quart), and wipe with bleach water rag.