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wintertime / зима
имя существительное
winter, winter-tide, winter-time
имя существительное
the season or period of winter.
And in a no less wholesome or heartwarming vein, there is the annual wintertime Rusty Plum Holiday Bazaar to attend.
Melanie is so right, these colours are amazing to see in the wintertime .
It could be hard to get 10 minutes of sun exposure in Calgary in the wintertime : you'd probably risk frostbite.
North Carolina truly was a beautiful state in the wintertime .
He advises gardeners to place their butterfly boxes about four feet above ground and making sure they have a southern exposure in the wintertime .
Pedestrian traffic on the boardwalk dwindled in the wintertime , leaving the city's hotels with large blocks of empty rooms.
Chris is mostly house bound in the wintertime because it's cold.
I caught just a quick glimpse of a whale yesterday, on its annual wintertime northward migration, and hope to have a bit more to say about this tomorrow.
Just like in the wintertime , the UV rays come in at an angle.
The first big improvement was putting in a big wall of windows on one end of the kitchen, with a window seat, which is where her plants live in the wintertime .
He worked his own mills and milked his own cow; he raised hogs and a kitchen garden - one he kept in the wintertime as well as the summertime.