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winning / выигрыш, победа, добыча
имя существительное
win, winning, gain, prize, draw, gainings
victory, win, winning, triumph, conquest, day
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, winning
проходка новой шахты
имя прилагательное
decisive, crucial, critical, final, winning, determinative
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, winning
charming, glamorous, winsome, engaging, winning, ravishing
имя прилагательное
gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition.
a winning streak
attractive; endearing.
a winning smile
имя существительное
money won, especially by gambling.
he went to collect his winnings
a shaft or pit together with the apparatus for extracting coal or other minerals.
be successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict).
the Mets have won four games in a row
acquire or secure as a result of a contest, conflict, bet, or other endeavor.
there are hundreds of prizes to be won
His firm handshake, welcoming smile and boyish charm were a winning combination.
Council chiefs also hope they will give Bury a winning chance in a national floral competition.
At each of these events, they would like to share a little about the filmmakers behind the winning films.
Benfleet kept on the winning trail with victory over lowly Epping at Woodside Park by six wickets.
The winning bidder had no more success managing the company than the old management.
We at the Fool are also great believers of learning how successful investors pick winning shares.
The winning entries of a local photography competition will be displayed in the town library for a week.
He has since embarked on a winning streak courtesy of his grit, tenacity and persistent style.
With her winning smile and bright blue eyes, Kate Walsh was a young girl with everything going for her.
The Swede produces two successive winning returns to win the game and level the set.