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winkle / береговичок
имя существительное
displace, crowd out, supplant, supersede, crowd, winkle
имя существительное
a small herbivorous shore-dwelling mollusk with a spiral shell.
Shellfish such as oysters, mussels, cockles, winkles , whelks and crabs were collected for food from the estuaries and sea-shores.
extract or obtain something with difficulty.
I swore I wasn't going to tell her, but she winkled it all out of me
Certainly, information has been difficult to winkle out, apart from the official face of the MAFF website, and there has been the nagging suspicion that something has been kept from us.
The viewer is enticed by the deliberate placement of phrases, formulas, and other elements to try to winkle out the connections.
Hundreds of 9th century winkle shells were found in the cliff face, along with fish bones, charred grain and butchered animal bones, providing evidence of the mundane diet of the Anglo-Saxon population.
In the end, Jess found some kind of redemption, working her way out of the shadow of rejection, hanging on to her decency and innate goodness, while managing to winkle out elements long submerged in her personality.
The Television Licensing Authority seems to be admitting defeat in the quest to winkle out viewers illegally watching TV programs on their computers in the UK.
If England can just winkle one more out tonight they will be firmly in charge.
An extensive examination of the issue by someone who knows how to winkle info out of the DA.
It's clear water conditions or a fining down river for me - but then, I have managed to winkle out the odd pike in just about any condition a river can throw up, so never write off your chances.
He'll also show you how it's done, and even in the depths of winter, Dave can usually winkle out a rainbow trout or two using the more delicate techniques.
His relentless search to winkle out the new and a youthful ability to keep his ear to the ground is to be taken seriously.