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winged / крылатый, окрыленный, быстрый
имя прилагательное
winged, feathered, alar, pinioned, wingy, feathery
winged, wingy
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, winged
имя прилагательное
having wings for flight.
the earliest winged insects
having one or more lateral parts, appendages, or projections.
those eyeglasses with the winged frames were very popular
travel on wings or by aircraft; fly.
a bird came winging around the corner
shoot (a bird) in the wing, so as to prevent flight without causing death.
one bird was winged for every bird killed
speak or act without preparation; improvise.
a little boning up puts you ahead of the job seekers who try to wing it
Soybean aphids are becoming more active, winged adults are being found with all stages of development on the infested leaves, so the stage is set for active development.
And don't forget that winged Bentley badge, which surely justifies half the price at least.
That they also sport flamboyant blooms is a bonus - their winged flowers flaunt themselves atop three to five foot plants.
Those winged seeds store enough energy to take root in a thick layer of partially decomposed leaves.
The pair provided a steady supply of food, mostly winged insects - bees, dragonflies and wasps - to their young and presented many photo opportunities.
Non-winged and winged adults are usually shiny black while the smaller nymphs may appear to be a dull gray to black.
Beckham could be found sometimes on the other wing to beg the question as to whether that winged cross on the back of his neck contained a magnet which Austrian boss Hans Krankl was manipulating to drag the England leader out of position.
There was a brightly colored winged insect perched on a stalk of tall grass.
The winged males and females have a very ungainly flight that does not take them very far.
They saw winged figures take flight before them.