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wing / крыло, флигель, фланг
имя существительное
wing, flank, arm, blade, airfoil, fly
wing, outbuilding, outhouse, annex, annexe, ell
wing, flank
injure, wound, cut, stab, wing, scotch
fly, run, wing, scud, slip, slip away
снабжать крыльями
имя существительное
any of a number of specialized paired appendages that enable some animals to fly, in particular.
a rigid horizontal structure that projects from both sides of an aircraft and supports it in the air.
The single-seat research aircraft had a monocoque aluminum fuselage with a wood wing .
a part that projects, in particular.
a group within a political party or other organization that holds particular views or has a particular function.
Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA
a side area, or a person or activity associated with that area, in particular.
travel on wings or by aircraft; fly.
a bird came winging around the corner
shoot (a bird) in the wing, so as to prevent flight without causing death.
one bird was winged for every bird killed
speak or act without preparation; improvise.
a little boning up puts you ahead of the job seekers who try to wing it
The Sanctuary's dueling grounds was found at the end of the north wing of the main chamber.
just jot down the title on a postcard and wing it to us
The Labor Party is the political wing of the trade union movement.
Also, the lift builds gradually and the weight of the aircraft shifts relatively slowly from the landing gear to the wing .
The offense will also need to find somebody besides Modin, who led the team with 32 goals, to score from the wing .
the convent was at some distance, but fear would wing her steps
‘Next time we're out we should get another one of these,’ Michael said as he ran his hands along the buckled driver's side wing of the van.
The single-seat research aircraft had a monocoque aluminum fuselage with a wood wing .
With the clock running down to half time Stewart Airdrie broke down the wing and crossed for Chris Turner to head home from close range.
His first tackle on Shane Williams was a lift and then a spin before he dumped him on the floor, using his own body weight and momentum to deck the Welsh wing .