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wineskin / бурдюк, мех для вина
имя существительное
wineskin, goatskin, pigskin, leather bottle, winebag
мех для вина
имя существительное
an animal skin sewn up and used to hold wine.
Stephen Cimbala may appear to be putting new wine in old wineskins , but the old skins still work fine.
Damerek shrugged and took the wineskin from Scorch.
They are the ancient Greeks, arguably the most alcohol-savvy society to ever drain a wineskin .
He brings back a huge wineskin and a huge meat pie.
The statue represented a nude male figure wearing traveling boots and carrying a wineskin on his left shoulder, his right shoulder and hand raised above his head.
Beside the armor, half hidden in the shadows, lie a wineskin , a lyre, books, and a mask.
Dinael rolled out the bedroll off to the side, gesturing for Amerial to take a seat, as he dug through his packs once more to pull out some food and a wineskin filled with water.
He took a swig of wine, set the wineskin aside and made to slide down under the cloak to sleep, but Kieran caught his arm.
Coiling his right arm around some rigging, he carefully pulls a wineskin from his belt and opens the stopper with his teeth.
She grabbed the wineskin and filled his goblet up completely.
Sekher stared at the wineskin but made no move to take it.