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winery / винный завод
имя существительное
винный завод
имя существительное
an establishment where wine is made.
Some of these wineries are also producing Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling.
The back label has a little blurb about the winery and its philosophy.
The rest of the winery 's production is sold at charity auctions.
The same winery 's Swan Bay Pinot Noir (closed with a screwcap) was undrinkable.
The fact that it's from Hungary shouldn't put you off, as anything from the Neszmely winery is worth buying.
Then several years later, the winery hired Greg Bruni to come to West Texas to make the wine.
Made by a winery that makes great wines at every price point, this is a restrained, citrus fruity white.
The winery also produced a very wide range of other wines, but Cabernet was and is its mainstay.
Like the Plaimont co-op, Torres is another winery that has two wines in my selection.
But in my research on this wine, I was able to find out a bit about the wine and the winery .
Unless you see a favorite that you want that night, choose a wine from a winery you've never heard of.