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windy / ветреный, обдуваемый ветром, пустой
имя прилагательное
windy, flighty, giddy, flyaway, volatile, gusty
обдуваемый ветром
empty, blank, vacant, unoccupied, idle, windy
имя существительное
talker, chatterbox, windbag, babbler, gossip, windy
имя прилагательное
(of weather, a period of time, or a place) marked by or exposed to strong winds.
a very windy day
suffering from, marked by, or causing an accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal.
After a good night out, I find I am very windy the next morning, so much so that I am totally bloated and cannot do up my trousers.
(of a road or river) following a curving or twisting course.
The drive home through the windy roads was uneventful and we got back to the hotel by midnight.
Paris doesn't feel that old, especially after all the time I spent in the compact, windy streets of the old City of Zurich.
Otherwise our multi-lateral, global institutions are exposed as windy talking shops.
By the end of a book that began as a windy meditation on leadership we are left with the impression of a decent man whose experiences offer many lessons indeed.
Though it was a dull, rather windy day, people turned out in force.
It was clear from the start that the strong windy conditions were going to have an immediate effect on the result of the game.
Soon we were driving along the windy roads surrounded by tall trees that led to my grand parents' house.
According to local police, Hatch was speeding when her car slipped through a gap between guardrails on the windy road, sending her car to the bottom of the ravine.
Then again, it was a pretty windy day, and voices were muted by the sound of the wind.
Roy Appleyard converted from the touchline, an excellent kick considering the very windy conditions.
Free-range hens huddled in their doorways because their field was a bit windy .