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windward / наветренный, с наветренной стороны
имя прилагательное
windward, weather
с наветренной стороны
против ветра
upwind, windward, up the wind
имя существительное
наветренная сторона
windward, weather-side
имя прилагательное
facing the wind or on the side facing the wind.
the windward side of the boat
имя существительное
the side or direction from which the wind is blowing.
the ships drifted west, leaving the island quite a distance to windward
On the eastern side is the Koolau Range, whose spectacular fissured cliffs front the windward side of the island.
But in the time that sorting out that mess takes, Charlie, to windward , has gone past her.
Rainfall is often heavy especially in the interior near the mountains and on the windward sides of the large islands.
Placed too high up on a sailboat's mast, the radar might miss seeing a nearby target on the windward side when a boat is heeled over.
A temporary solution is to open a window to let in a little make up air, preferably on the windward side of the house.
The glides have been pretty reasonable up to this point, but suddenly I'm falling like a rock as I try to push into the hills to get under the clouds, thinking that I'm on the windward side of a spur.
Although she can sail to windward , it is generally quicker to row into head winds, or through crowded anchorages.
If, like me, you have spent endless summer afternoons sweatily becalmed in Long Island Sound, there's a lot to be said for a rail-down bash to windward , especially after it's over.
It is probable that these ships would have been very slow and unable to make effective progress to windward .
Mauka Makai Excursions offers archaeological and hiking tours of the windward side of Oahu.