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windswept / открытый всем ветрам, не защищенный от ветра
имя прилагательное
открытый всем ветрам
не защищенный от ветра
windswept, bleak
имя прилагательное
(of a place) exposed to strong winds.
the windswept moors
(of a person or their appearance) affected, shaped, or mussed by exposure to the wind.
his windswept hair
There was something raw and elemental about Dorset's windswept landscape that I'd missed, and which I needed, if only to remind myself what the city lacked.
Dripping wet and deeply disturbed, the smartly-dressed man was discovered walking along a windswept road beside the sea.
Tyler ran his hand through his already windswept hair.
Her face is splattered with mud and her hair is tangled and windswept .
His shock of black hair looked windswept , and beneath it, his eyes peered out curiously from behind wire-frame glasses.
The violet flowers of butterworts nod manically at the roadside, seeming too delicate for this windswept terrain.
Rhea peeked out from the cover of her arms, drawing her windswept hair away from her tear-filled eyes.
There was a smudge of dirt across her nose and her hair was windswept .
Among the rich and the famous who came to mourn her, one figure stood out in the windswept cemetery - Frank Sinatra.
The quiet atmosphere of the room was shattered by Noah's entrance; he burst through the door, his face flushed and his hair windswept .